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[23 Mar 2005|03:40pm]
I have a new livejournal.


its public, everyone add me
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[21 Mar 2005|12:01pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Alright well, I didn't watch a movie last night. Instead I put the elliptical wannabe together. Yea after I actually looked at the box it's not an elliptical but an orbitrex, which works basically the same it's just uglier. HA. Anyway I had a hard time getting this fucking bolt off a screw (for some reason they had them put on there when I opened the bags, maybe so you would know which went with which who knows) and I worked at it FOREVER, turns out it was a fuckign LEFT HANDED SCREW. I didn't even know they made those, my dad figured that one out. I have blisters on my hands from twisting so hard with no results. Ugh. Now it's completely put together minus the handles which dont line up with the slots they go in, so I cant screw them in. Those fuckers. Other than that it was pretty easy to put together.

Today I got up at nine cause someone called my house like THREE FUCKING TIMES. Who does that? I thought it was a telemarketer so I wanted to pick up the phone and yell at them but it was too far away. Next time though... I'll get em...

I'm going to a few different places today to get applications. Looking for a job sucks, but having a cunt for a boss sucks more (right lova?). Then I'm going with my mom to get me some more controllers for my ps2 which by the way im totally going to get ddr sometime soon. YOU JUST WAIT! Hahhahaha I'll make my lova play with me on lova night as part of our workout! Ha.

Later after Ryan finishes some stuff he's going to come over. YESSSS.. I miss that cheek.

Oh lova nights has now expanded. It's not tuesdays AND thursdays. Tuesdays we go kickboxing (five dollars for anyone who wants to come!) and stuff. Thursdays is new workout at Lindsay's day. We switched because we didn't want to miss The O.C. anymore, since we missed last week w/o realizing it. We can't do that again. That way we can work out while watching. YESSSSSSSSS.

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[20 Mar 2005|04:33pm]
[ mood | creative ]

My mom and I went house shopping today. Found one that we kinda like - Ehh. The third bedroom was really small and you probably couldnt even fit a full size bed in there, so my sister would have to move out.

My parents are out for the night doin their thing. Bowling? I think so. Ryan is goin out with his mamma. I have a tummy ache, AGAIN! Damnit. I think I'll hang out in the family room, watch a movie, and crotch. If anyone wants to come join me, feel free! (only call first so im not naked)

moviesCollapse )

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[20 Mar 2005|01:05pm]
I wish my mom would hurry up.
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[17 Mar 2005|12:28am]
[ mood | i'm goin to fall asleep ]

Today was fun. Sometime in the early afternoon I went with my mom to meet my grandma for lunch. We went to Bob Evans cause that's where old people like to eat. Our waitress was slow with our food :(

After that we went house shopping. We picked up a lot of flyers and go to see the inside of two houses. My mom already really likes one. I like the fact that the inside is really shitty looking (the decore i mean) so we get to totally redecorate everything, meaning I get to do whatever the fuck I want with my rooms. Yes I said rooms, because I'd have the whole upstairs to myself. Bedroom and the extra room which turns into computer/tv/futon room. Also it qualifies for extra closet space. Oh and a full bathroom up there all to myself to also decorate. Shibby! Even though the thought excites me, I wont let her get too excited about the second house we've seen, cause duh theres too many more to consider!

After house shopping we went home and my cheeky boyfriend came over. We went to pandamonium so Ryan could get some cards he needed - which in turn resulted in me running into Kevin M...ichniak? I think that was his last name, sounds about right. We talked for awhile while Ryan was buying his cards. He seems like a pretty cool kid now. Not that he wasnt before - just wasn't as awkward as it should've been. Oh well thats a good thing. He goes to Schoolcraft right now, maybe I'll see him aROUND.

Then Ryan and I ventured to meijer where we both bought gum. I got some toilet paper as well because my mom just, I don't even know what she did but she didn't buy the right kind last time and my area was like.. "uhh hell no, you dont come near me with that cheap shit" so I got the good stuff. And now my hoo hoo is happy.

We went to taco bell because Ryan missed it - and I was like okay I GUESS we can go there cause it's been forever. And we ate inside like it was a date.

Then we came home and watched excessive amounts of Family Guy. Then after 394875 episodes, we watched some Iron Chef. Fun stuff.

He just left.

I just farted.

Everybody's doin it! (sea doo?)Collapse )

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[16 Mar 2005|09:38am]
my horoscope this morning said i would be changing jobs and maybe even homes. duh i totally got rid of my job yesterday. and were (supposedly) moving in the next few months. it also told me to calm down and hang out with my significant other tonight -which im so doing.

horoscopes are rarely right, so when they are im like WHOA! hahaa.
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i have no lid upon my head, but if i did, you could look inside and see whats on my mind. [07 Mar 2005|10:16pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Oh its you.Collapse )

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[04 Mar 2005|11:39am]
helpin my sister pack. sitting in her room right now and here is the list of movies she has that i need to watch: (some i have seen and some i havent)

American beauty
American History X)
Bourne Identity
Bourne Supremacy
Cold Mountain
Deuces Wild
Donnie Darko Directors cut
The forgotten
friday night lights
a home at the end of the world
i ♥ huckabees
the land before time
love atually
mulholland drive
the stepford wives

all done
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[03 Mar 2005|11:29pm]
wah i dont feel good and i wanna die. fuckin fuck.

next monologue for me to learn is from the movie beautiful girls. by the way if you havent seen this movie i suggest you do. here goes:

why im better than porno - shes talking about porn magazine in this incase you cant catch onCollapse )
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te amo ;) [03 Mar 2005|01:50pm]
yesterday was good.

ryan came over and made himself some pasta. then we decided to watch the twenty fith hour. good movie - only HORRIBLE FUCKING AUDIO. i fucking hate it when you have to keep turning the volume up and down becuase some parts are loud and some parts are too quiet. UGH... BUT BEST monologue EVER. if i was ever to have to do a monologue for one reason or another... it would be:

monty's (edward norton) fuck youCollapse )
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[02 Mar 2005|01:14pm]
oh by the way.

who is going with me to columbus ohio june 7th and 8th for the dmb concert?
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[26 Feb 2005|08:19am]
Well. I'm in a better mood now. Yesterday was fun at work. Bob is out of town, and Alison doesn't come into work till two, Ann the old lady wont come in when it's snowing. So it was just me, Adam, and Dan. We ordered breakfast and they undercharged us by about ten dollars so Dan paid for me. How nice!

After work everyone in my family was being boring, so I went out. I told my mom I was leaving and she's like "where are you going" and I was like "to the scrapbook store" and shes like "what one" and I'm like "the one on stark and plymouth" and she's like "oh they're closed, I was just over there they close at six on fridays" and I'm like "okay I'm goin to meijer than" and I left. I went to scrappin' and stampin' anyway, cause who the hell closes at six on a friday? I was right and they were open. What a liar she is. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and decided she looked at the wrong building... instead of saying what a bitch she just didnt want me goin out. I didnt stay there long becuase they closed at eight and it was seven thirty and I was going to feel rushed. So I still went to meijer. All in all I ended up spending about fourty five dollars on shit. I better go deposit my fifty dollar check my sister gave me for my bday. HA.


I don't have to work today, but I'm up earlier than if I did have to work becuase I had to drive my parents to the airport this morning at seven thirty. They took my dad's car so hell yea I got to drive it home. His car drives so nice it makes me jealoose. Like with my car, its loud. You can hear the road underneath you and the wind, so I always have to have the music up loud. But his is smooooooth (I never realized how bumpy my car was until now that I drove his) and I want it.

I can't go back to bed, so that's why I'm updating livejournal. I'm going to shower and stuff soon, and I'm going to go to costco to pick up my glasses. I feel like being lazy so maybe I wont end up doing all that for a few more hours. Breakfast and scrapbooking sounds good for now.

Ryan will be coming over today. Probably no tattoo fill in unless we just walk in at eternal or something, Ray was booked until mid March on Saturdays. Damnit.

Hope everyone has a good spring break. If you're initials said out loud sounds like a resturant that has good rootbeer, you should come over on monday after I get off work. <33333
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[24 Feb 2005|09:58pm]
Andrea: that was my mom on the radio!

she called me at work and told me to put it in. it was from Diane and Chickie. Chickie is my nickname! Hehehhehe

Soooo weird. Kind of like a small world situation, only not really the same thing. But still... small world.
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How can I turn away? [24 Feb 2005|07:36pm]
My week, has been incredibly.... blah.

Everyday at work, I'm just so blah. Like putsy, slow, bored. I dunno. I'm just glad Bob isn't there. Yay for going out of town a lot mr. boss man. It's so nice there when its just Adam, Dan and I. Well, and Alison, but she's called off the past two days. Worked there three weeks, already called off three times. She's co-op too, if she gets fired she fails her "class". Oh well.


James: i was listening to 89x..
: and it was the top 7
: or whatever
: and a vote went in from livonia
: from diane and cheeky

Talk about spreading the word.

The O.C. is on tonight. Hell yes.

Tomorrow is Friday and that Excites me. I think since I was such a good girl, and went through and reorganized all my drawers today, I should get a prize. Tomorrow after work im gonna take over the little bathroom. Before my sister moved out it was mine. Then when she left there was more room in the big bathroom. Then I didn't really have anything to store anymore. Now shes back, and since i have contacts and I do my make-up once in awhile, I'm returning to the little bathroom. Muwahaha it's all mine. So that means I have to get rid of shit from like seventh grade thats in there. My moms shit too. Woot.

I'm so excited for the weekend. I don't work Saturday cause Bob's out of town. Ryan is coming over and were going to get my tattoo filled finally. My parents are leaving for Florida in the morning. Ryan is going to be staying the night here a few days during that time. Horray for cheeky boys, and my OWN bed.

Oh! Side note of a funny moment. Today at work we were all sitting there (Dan, Adam, and I) tapping away at our computers, and Dan yells to me and Adam "Hey guys, what is semicolon dash end parenthasis mean?" And im sitting there thinking what the hell are you talking about. Then I was like "OH!, it's a wink!" and it was so funny cause he sat there looking at it for like ten minutes trying to figure it out, and he never got it....ha.

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best conversation ever [24 Feb 2005|01:50pm]
chad: i have to get rid of my morning wood so i can pee
me: <333333333 morning wood
chad: you telling me you love morning wood isnt helping me get rid of it
chad: i need to pee lindz!
me: sorry
me: fuck morning wood
me: gross
me: ew
me: my moms vagina!
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[19 Feb 2005|02:17pm]
you know who i love?

besides stephanie of course... (duh were totally gonna do it for our bdays)

dave matthews. today im wearing the dmb hoodie ryan got me and at work i have dave as my desktop on my computer, and my boss asked me today. what is it with you liking dave. and i was like well hes my favorite and he was like why. and i was like what the fuck do you mean why. isnt it obvious. and hes like no what do you like about them like his voice? and i was like omg his voice lyrics acoustic the violin the dancing EVERYTHING and i went off about all the wonders of dave...

and he was like okay fine i get it...

hahahahhaha <33333333333333333333

but you know who i love even more than dave? my mommy. yep.
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[18 Feb 2005|01:15pm]
i hope my spouse and i do it a lot...Collapse )

today is a little better t han yesterday.

the phone calls i got yesterday were all from people i wouldnt expect to get phone calls from. brittany and i talked for over an hour. how cute. kelly called and i <3 her. jake called. thanks guys.

my foot feels better today. but im still bitter about it.

work is going grood. for now...

eye appt is tomorrow yay for contacts.

helping my sister move today and tomorrow probably. goin to cheekies later saturday. like later later... probably just gonna go over there and fall asleep right away. :( theres always sunday!

dave is so hot. i definately recorded him on jay leno last night. when he grabbed his crotch i was jealous of his hand. he was so nervous awww it was the cutest ever i wanted to cheek him with his slightly left over african accent. :sigh: hes stinky!! and he likes to talk about goats. and hes funny and i love him and we will be married.
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[17 Feb 2005|01:23pm]
today is my bday. whoo hoo.

my parents are getting me contacts. and taking me to dinner.

my grandma pat got me candy and twenty five dollars.

my grandma diane gave me fifty dollars.

my grandpa ed, and grandma joanne. WHOA. they gave me "the gift of tuition" as they like to call it. they're paying for my college expenses. everything. until im done with school. until i graduate. even if it takes me ten years. thats... wow.

anyway... my aunt gave me twenty dollars.

ryan got me my dmb tribal hoodie YESSSS oh man its sexary. like him.

everyone else is slacking off.

work is going okay. they got me a card how nice. i have some blurty bitches to take care of though... so this update isnt too fun.

i guess ill go do that now.
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[16 Feb 2005|12:16am]
» I committed suicide:
» I said I liked you:
» I kissed you:
» I lived next door to you:
» I started smoking:
» I stole something:
» I was hospitalized:
» I ran away from home:
» I got into a fight and you weren't there:
» Personality:
» Eyes:
» Face:
» Hair:
» Clothes:
» Mannerisms:
» Who are you?
» Are we friends?
» When and how did we meet?
» How have I affected you?
» What do you think of me?
» What's the fondest memory you have of me?
» How long do you think we will be friends or enemies?
» Do you love me?
» Have I ever hurt you?
» Would you hug me?
» Would you kiss me?
» Would you fuck me?
» Are we close?
» Emotionally, what stands out?
» Do you wish I was cooler?
» On a scale of 1-10, how nice am I?
» Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
» Am I loveable?
» How long have you known me?
» Describe me in one word.
» What was your first impression?
» Do you still think that way about me now?
» What do you think my weakness is?
» Do you think I'll get married?
» What about me makes you happy?
» What about me makes you sad?
» What reminds you of me?
» What's something you would change about me?
» How well do you know me?
» Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
» Do you think I would kill someone?
» Are you going to put this on your journal and see what I say about you?
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[14 Feb 2005|08:46am]

LJ Friends Meme by coolerq

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Ryan is the one that you love.
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• You care most about Ashley.
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Two Step is the song for Your Mom.
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• and The Best of What's Around is the song telling you how you feel about life
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